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Florida National Equipment Finance Benefits of Leasing

Conserves Working Capital - Small monthly payments vs. large cash outlay.

Convenience/Simplicity - A simple one-page Lease Agreement is usually the only document needed.

100% Financing/No Money Down - Lease financing covers 100% for the equipment costs which includes the soft costs, like installation.

Obsolescence Protection - Leasing allows you to maintain that cutting edge by being able to upgrade your equipment during the term of your lease.

Leasing Offers Possible Tax Savings - Often times a lease can be written off as a monthly expense. When equipment is purchased with cash or a bank loan, the customer can only depreciate the asset.

Budgeting Assistance - A lease payment schedule can be customized to meet the needs of each customer. Unlike variable rate loans and lines of credit, lease payments are usually fixed allowing you to budget more efficiently.

Extends Current Credit Lines - Leasing provides a non-conflicting source of credit, thereby increasing the customers borrowing base. It leaves current credit lines open and available for other uses.

Equipment Pays For Itself - Leasing allows the asset to be paid for as it generates revenue.

Longer Terms - Many banks only lend money for shorter terms, usually 12-36 months. Leases can be written for up to 5 years.

Tax Benefits - Lease rental payments are made from pre tax rather than after tax earnings. Your lease payments may be fully tax deductible. Consult your accountant for further tax advice concerning this great benefit.

Flexibility - Leasing provides a business with greater flexibility with the number of security deposits, number of months, various purchase options, and multiple payment plans.

Types of Equipment - Florida National Leasing Corp. offers more than other leasing companies. Virtually anything of value can be leased with flexible terms to suit your needs. Click here to learn about our flexible financing programs.

Virtually any type of equipment with value can be leased from
Florida Equipment Finance.






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