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Florida National Equipment Finance Privacy Statement

Florida National Equipment Finance is a financial company specializing in lease programs. This page is presented for your information. When you use the Florida National Equipment Finance website, certain information about you may be obtained. This page is a disclosure of the information that is gathered and how we will use it.

As you visit our web site...

If you browse our website: We may collect and store information for statistical purposes. For example, we may count the number of visitors to the different sections of our site to help us make them more useful to visitors. Similar information is gathered for anonymous ftp, remote account login, or for other comparable types of connections. This information is limited to the IP address of your ISP.

If you send us E-mail: By sending us an electronic mail message, you may be sending us personal information (e.g., name, address, E-mail address). We may store the name and address of the requester in order to respond to the request or to otherwise resolve the subject matter or inquiry of your E-mail.

If you submit an application: If you fill out the online application, that information is processed and then stored for the purpose of contact and reference information. Once your application is processed it may be archived for future reference. Under no circumstances will Florida National Equipment Finance share or distribute that information with any organization not affiliated with us, although Florida National Equipment Finance reserves the ability to share said information with our affiliates and/or underwriters.

Any information submitted to Florida National Equipment Finance, Will be protected to the greatest degree possible as consistent with the Data Privacy Act.

Virtually any type of equipment with value can be leased from
Florida National Equipment Finance.






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